Our little beggars

I would appreciate if you would permit me to air a grievance, even if it doesn’t relate to the famous « Boisé » file. This past Saturday morning, I had an important appointment at the bank at the Promenades-Saint-Bruno. I arrived late, of course. I had not factored in the necessary time needed to « run the gauntlet » of children soliciting donations at the stop-lights there, demanding that motorists stop and throw money into those big plastic buckets the little kids were running around with. It seems they were members of some sort of sports team.

This is increasingly common at that intersection on the weekends.  In my day, involvement in a sports team meant only learning how to play the game. How deprived I must have been. Now it seems that youngsters involved in sports these days can broaden their horizons and are learning a great many additional skills that should come in really handy in their future endeavours (that is, if they plan to become « squeegies », rather than hockey players!). Nor am I sure it’s the safest thing to let these little tykes run in and out of heavy traffic of drivers eager to get to the bargains at the Promenades. 

Bravo to the coaches and managers of these sports teams for turning our youngsters into a generation of little beggars!

Robert Annett,